Feeling exactly like a great Festival should !!!

An ALL SENSES Southern experience waiting for you. 

One of the most beautiful cities in the world holding one of the finest festivals with an absolutely amazing atmosphere.

Experience the excellent food, the fantastic wines, the city festivities, the Southern hospitality in warm summer night breeze.

All together... Fueling your tango... Hearting your way to happiness.


Have fun, have food, have friends.. be Tango !!!

1 - 5 June

Mythical Venue


In a beautiful and unique historic salon

With a suspended wooden dancefloor of over 600m² that is perfect for endless hours of dancing, our salon was built in 1912 and is known for having a very special charm and beauty. An amazing lighting composition emphasizes the design of the room as well as the human texture of more than 600 visiting tanguero friends. The generous space and open areas to walk, mingle and cabeceo, along with seats for everyone make this festival venue one of the best places in the world for Tango. 


Claudio Villagra 

Helena Fernandez

Sebastian Achaval 

Roxana Suarez

Sebastian Jimenez

 Nadia Johnson

Dana Frigoli

Adrian Ferreyra

Mariano Otero 

Alejandra Heredia

La Juan D´Arienzo   

Osky Casas 

Tajana Burger-Casas


Analia "La Rubia"

Tajana Burger-Casas 

Paulo Bernardo

Marta "Wild" Silvestre

COntact us

Bruno Sousa

João Filipe Dias

Yolanda Rebelo


Gaz Blanco


Pedro Moutinho 


Terras do Demo


Caio Rodriguez   

Joana Gomes



Victor Ribeiro


Highly Embraceable Tango Wear