Rua Voz do Operário, 13




Rua Voz do Operário, 64





Both   locations   are   on   the   same   street   100m   apart   from   each   other





The venue is located in the historical district, just by the iconic neighbourhood of Alfama, 
near the Castle and in the middle of Voz do Operario Street, 100m from Largo da Graca, close to one of Lisbon´s most beautiful viewpoints (Miradouro da Graca).
Lisbon´s biggest Flea Market (Feira da Ladra) and the S. Vincente de Fora Monastery Church are located just down the street as well.
You can find a stop of the mythical Tram 28 practically at the door.

Lisbon - Voz do Operário


The easiest way!

Costs around 8€ from anywhere downtown.


Taxis are available all night long at the taxi stand 200m away.

Rádio Taxis de Lisboa - (+351) 21 8119000

Taxis Autocup - (+351) 21 793 27 56



The best spot to park is the Flea Market (Feira da Ladra) area at Campo de Santa Clara at the back of the S. Vincent de Fora Monastery Church. The only exception is Friday night after 3 a.m. since the Flea Market takes place Saturday morning and the vendors arrive very early.


Coordenadas GPS

38.715598  ,  -9.129046

Coordenadas GPS

38.715598  ,  -9.129046

How to  get there?

Wonderful Tango Salon


Only one location for all festival activities


Built in 1912, this beautiful venue with a suspended wooden dancefloor of over 600m² is perfect for endless hours of dancing. Its special charm and beauty is emphasized by amazing light compositions and a magnificent stage setting. The generous space and open areas assure that there is always enough space to dance comfortably even with more than 600 people in the room, and the design of the room guarantees that you can always find a seat or your perfect  cabeceo spot. 





Generous worskshop rooms


Lisbon's Festival offers more than 30 workshops and make available the necessary space to provide 6 parallel classes at each time for more than 1000 attendances delivering learning memorable moments with the best worldclass artists and teachers.

Our rooms are conveniently distributed between 2 buildings less than 100m far apart on the same street (Rua Voz do Operario).

A legendary stage


The perfect Scene for perfect  Artists


Our stage is designed, also in terms of sound and light, to provide both the stage show's audience and the milonga dancers a perfect view and contact with the Orchestra and stage artists. The stage visibility is excellent from any point in the room and our shows can be watched either from a table with Champagne or from our balcony.



Voz do Operário


Rua  Voz  do  Operario, 13 and 64

1100-620   LISBOA


By the historical neighbourhood, ALFAMA,
not far from St Jorge Castle

200m from LARGO DA GRAÇA



From  Sta. Apolónia Metro/Train Station
10min to 15min walking - 800m up hill... 



Bus 745 (Prior Velho - Est. Sta Apolónia)

Stop - Est. Sta Apolónia



( ONLY for FIRST STEP Free classes )

from Monday  5.6  to Friday 9.6 - 19h to 20h) 

* To Be Announced

30 May - 3  JunE